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Barbera d’Asti Superiore DOCG “I Fratelli” and "Il Babbo".

Our Barbera d'Asti DOCG wines are made from some of the oldest Barbera vines in Piemonte with some being as old as 100 years. The grapes are gently handpicked and processes into this very concentrated and rounded wines with strong notes of red fruits as typical for Barbera. We have two Barbera reds at your choice: 'I Fratelli' with its concentrated red fruits notes makes is suited for various occasions with meal or enjoyment on its own. 'Il Babbo" integrates concentrated black fruit notes with the structure from ageing in new barriques for 18 months, making it a wine with great ageing potential.   



Our "La Sirenetta" 2018 Rosato/Rose is made from 100% Pinot Nero grapes. It has beautiful orange color and notes of tropical fruits. La Sirenetta is a medium bodied wine making it suited for refreshment as well as accompanying meals of fish and white meats. 



Gamba di Pernice DOC Calosso “La Mignolina” 

This is a preview as we only have this wine ready for you in 2020. Hopefully you will be patient for this wine from this unique grape, Gamba di Pernice. It was named so because of the red color of the stems associates with the legs of the partridge (pernice in Italian).  The grape is indigenous to the area around Calosso, but it nearly went extinct as it was replaced by the more commercially well-known varieties like Moscato and Barbera. The Gamba di Pernice wines are known for the fragrant smells and strutted wines, but you will have to wait a few years to experience the Qimisola  expression of this unique grape.  

Qimisola wines

Qimisola wines

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